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Q: What is Rarefacer?
A: Is a spanish word that means convert anything in a rare artifact and unique. Rarefacer is a multi-purpose artist and modder, specialized in games for PC version like Grand Theft Auto IV, Episodes from Liberty city, GTA V and others.

Q: What is a mod?
A: Is a modification non-official created to enhance or add any stuff in a graphics engine-based games.

Q: What things I can do with using Rarefacer's mods?
A:You can play, replay, make gameplays and reviews videos, enjoy my mods but the only conditions are: NOT REUPLOAD MY MODS AND PLEASE GIVE ME CREDITS FOR MY WORK.

Q: What common programs are used to modding by Rarefacer?
A: For modelling: 3ds Max, Zbrush, Cinema 4D and Zmodeler. For texturing: Substance Painter, Photoshop, Quixel Suite and Body Paint. For models conversions to the games: Zmodeler and 3ds Max with its import/export necessary scripts.

Q: What I need to get Rarefacer's mods work?
A: For GTA IV and V you need Open IV to import models and textures in the game files. Also for scripts, you need for GTA V the ScripthookV by Alexander Blade and the ScripthookVDotNet by Crosire. For GTA IV you need ScripthookIV, but it is provided by the modder.

Q: What are the game formats and game engines?
A: Each video game uses different types of files to store its components like models, textures, sounds, scripts, maps data, etc. To modify that files, we need specialized tools and pipelines process to create/modify, adapt and put any mod into the game. Each game uses a graphics render engine, that simulates the lightning, the physics events, entities behaviours, visual effects and every that you see in your screen and gameplay and are controlled by scripts of programmation in a integrated API (Application Programming Interface: are a set of rules, orders and specifications (codes) interconnected between them and written in any programming language). For example: GTA IV and V uses Rage graphics engine developed by Rockstar Games.

Q: I can install mods for a game in another game title?
A: No, because each game manages different files structures, file formats, graphics engines, scripting API and another lot of things.

Q: Why Rarefacer not creates mods for console versions?
A:Personally, I prefer the PC platform because its potential is almost unlimited, easy to manipulate and have .NET libraries (programmation instructions created to support and improve every task in our systems)  and consoles not run them natively.

Q: But what even need that mods if it not be released for consoles versions?
A: The modding for PC versions are the most wanted for every games types, with easiest modifications access and distribution formats than the console versions.

Q: What versions or patches of GTA IV/EfLC, GTA V have supported by Rarefacer's mods?
A: I handle the latest versions and patches released for each game in PC.

Q: Is there Rarefacer's mods supported for consoles ps3 and xbox 360 versions?
A: No and I don’t guarantee proper work with consoles versions.

Q: Do you add support in your mods for other games that are on PC?
A: Yes, I'm thinking about that. I know how to mod games like: Call of Duty (1, all Modern Warfare , Black Ops), Arma (2 and 3), Just Cause (1 and 2), Grand Theft Auto (San Andreas, IV and V), Pro Evolution Soccer (since 6 until 16), FIFA (14 and 15), Need for Speed (since the first), Counter Strike (Source and Global Offensive), Half Life (Every), Doom (2 and 3), Quake (Almost all), Far Cry (3 and 4), Crysis (1, 2 and 3), Resident Evil (4 and 5), Watch Dogs, 18 Wheels Haulin, Prototype 2 and others.

Q: Why I can't replace or edit any file by myself?
A: Before, you need to learn few essential concepts in modding to not affect the game files integrity and game crashes/bugs generation.

Q: I'm tired to play the same, what I can do?
A: You can learn how to mod games, exists millions of tutorials in video and related websites. After that, you no need every time stay playing the same things in the same way.

Q: Can I create new mods?
A: Yes, you can. Everybody can if want and practice the knowledge acquired being creative.

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