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(Screenshot in JPG format 4.2 MB, compressed to 421 KB)

The low weight in digital images is required to manage good load performance in every software, apps and web pages. A tool specially, is one of my favorites to reduce the file size of images (.PNG and .JPG) and games textures without lost quality and color details. Its name is TinyPNG and can reduce drastically a HD image file of 5 mb (the limit of the file upload in TinyPNG's web page) to just a 10% (or less in some cases with dark images) of the original file size.

In videogames, the PNG image format is one of the most used, cause can store alpha (transparency) values without lost color information and is a high compressed format.

The usage es very simple, just go to the page, upload your files and you can convert in lots or single to later, download zipped to your PC or send directly to a Dropbox folder.

(This image was a screenshot and cutted with a tool, has been reduced to 85.5 Kb from 218.8 Kb, 61% less to run it through TinyPNG)

Advantages of TinyPNG:

- Free online tool. 
- Optimization up to 20 images at a Time.
- Quality of Images After the very good compression. 
- Preserves transparency Once the compression. 

 Disadvantages of TinyPNG: 

- Maximum size of each image is 5 Mb.
- Not use pre-visualization to see the optimized image. 
- Not allow settings to adjust the compression process.

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