[GTA SA] Comando Calavera (My first skin mod ever)

4:22 PM

Remembering old times, my first character created, imported to GTA San Andreas on 2006.

Originally, it was created for my mod Call of Duty: Elite. His main characteristic was his mask with a skull pattern and his heavy armor uniform. The inproved skin was designed with a military spec-ops t and skull/deadly thematics. Along of years, the elite special forces and amateur war sports like paint-ball, get this skins as a favorite in their equipments.
My idea was to recreate that tastes on a videogame to put life and cool appereance to the characters in game.

In the the modelling of a minimalist mesh, the character maintained the main forms, indicated for a game like GTA San Sandreas that demands simplicity in its characters. Well performance + cool visuals are always the best for any videogame.

In the textures, a low resolution was applied, maintaining the balance between
 performance / visual aspect.

The final result, was a character according to the aesthetics of GTA San Andreas, without the usage of more polygons in geometry. With Smoothing-Groups, it is easy to place shapes and smooth contours without adding more vertices to the mesh.

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