Speed Assembly AMD Phenom II x6 1100T + ATI HD 6750 1GB, high-end PC in ...

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Remembering my first PC assembly and my old yt channel (Aug 11, 2011)

Complete specs:

CPU:        AMD Phenom II x6 1100T 3.3GHz (4.8GHz OC)
GPU:        Sapphire Radeon HD 6750 1GB GDDR5 DRAM at 1 GHz
MoBo:     Asus M4A88T-M/USB3 Design Matters
RAM:       Kingston 8GB DDR3 x2
Storage:   Samsung 500GB SS + Maxtor 500GB 7200rpm
PSU:        Thermaltake 1000 watts
Case:       Generic ATX


1. The Motherboard (MoBo):

It is always necessary to invest in a recent Motherboard, because they support new technologies that will give a speed improvements in the other components of the PC. It must have excellent performance and connectivity for the latest hardware components and thus extend its life without having to replace the MoBo.
Attention to the sockets and processors that it supports, electrical consumption and distribution of voltage, speeds in its different BUS of data and ports and good references of quality in manufacture.

2.The power supply unit (PSU)

Many people overlook this component, neglecting the fact that the quality of the electrical supply to your PC, is vital for its proper functioning and longevity. Always look for a good PSU and try to be of the highest amperage recommended for your hardware configuration, thus avoid future headaches such as damage to the components because of a PSU that does not distribute enough electricity and the indicated dose, or Overloads the system with more electricity than required.

3.The Processor (CPU)

This is the most important component, it is the brain of the PC. We need to invest a good sum of money to acquire a good processor that lasts years without needing to change to a new generation. One tip is to never overclock your processor, because although it improves the performance in the PC processing a little (overclocking is not magic, it only increases the performance of 5% to 17% in some processors), it causes the processor receives greater voltage to the preset to increase its speed of clock, but increases its stress to the double or triple, reducing its useful life drastically.

4.RAM memory modules

These are the component that maintains the maximum capacity of the PC, because they load all the necessary dates for the current functions of the system, and keep them available to be accessed quickly without having to extract data from the hard disk permanently. They must be chosen as indicated by the motherboard support to determine the type of memories and speed of the watch to acquire.

5.Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) or videocard

The most important component in terms of graphics performance that we want to have in our PC.
This element is responsible for processing the graphic data of the programs and video games shown on our screen. It is advisable to know in some terms the technical terms that are handled for the specifications of a GPU, such as memory type (GDDR5 is the current and faster, 1GB of this is dozens of times more efficient and faster than a 4GB DDR3), version supported of Pixel and Vertex Shaders (are small programming scripts that contain the capabilities of computing different visual effects. Pixel Shaders take care of the texture and illumination qualities and other effects on them, and Vertex Shaders control the calculations of illumination and effects of deformation on the geometries of the models that are on the screen), speed of the graphic processor, etc. It is also advisable not to overclock the GPU, better invest in an excellent performance and last for years, than overclocking an ordinary and shortening its life to only months.

6.Storage storage

Storage disks are our personal database, there between greater capacity and quality of data transfer for the system, much better performance will be obtained. It is not the same to have the latest processor, the latest video card and the latest RAM, if our hard drive is a technology 20 years ago. It is advisable to acquire at least one Solid State Disc because it does not use magnetic mechanisms like the previous ones of rotation, replacing them with circuits of digital memory that allow to access in real time the processes of reading and writing of data. It can be accompanied by a rotating disk to save our software and videogames in the Solid State Disc by increasing its performance and leaving a hard disk for other data that does not demand data transfer speed like our documents, music, videos, and etc.

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