About me

Hi, my nickname is Rarefacer. This is my online videogames modding site, created to share with the gammer community ideas from my personal stuff. I love every art, specially the digital arts and I keep refining my skills day to day to be a better. Actually, I'm learning by myself CGI (Computer generated imagery) to be artist generalist and 3D modelator specialized also in animation and concept art. Lately, I adquired programmation essential knowledge and I'm developing my own videogames in graphics engines like Unity and Xenko, hoping release the first the next years.

I've been modder since 2005 in games like: Call of Duty, Arma, Just Cause, Grand Theft Auto, Pro Evolution Soccer, FIFA, Need for Speed, Counter Strike, Half Life, Doom, Quake, Far Cry, Crysis, Resident Evil, Watch Dogs, 18 Wheels Haulin and others. With each new release of these games, I've learned to modify and improve my skills year after year. Over the years, I've changed my nickname and reserving the vast majority of my mods for my staff and friends use, publishing sometimes some of them to share and enjoy with the gaming community.

Lately, I have received suggestions to publish my mods massively to share ideas and create new mods for our games to go beyond their limits. I hope my mods bring fun hours to the gaming community.

Thanks in advance to all who enjoy my work in video games and support me as a modder.


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